Yellow Fungus In Bearded Dragons: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, And Prevention

yellow fungus disease in bearded dragons

Bearded dragons are friendly reptiles and they are becoming famous as pets. Compared to other pets, bearded dragons need less care and maintenance, so they are easygoing pets. Also, bearded dragons’ lifespan makes them unique, you can expect a companionship of at least 10 years from your bearded dragon. During this long lifespan, bearded dragons … Read more

Bearded Dragon Shedding 101

Bearded dragons are gaining popularity among pets due to several reasons. They are social, docile, and easy to care for pets. Like all lizards, bearded dragons also shed their skin regularly. But, This article will guide you and answer all your questions. Why Do Bearded Dragons Shed? Bearded dragons shed their skin when they outgrow … Read more

Bearded Dragon Brumation

bearded dragon brumation

Is your bearded dragon acting weird? Is he acting tired? Is he refusing food? Maybe he’s preparing to bromate. Bearded dragon brumation is a very natural process and every bearded dragon undergoes it. As a new pet dragon owner, you may become scared of what your dragon is doing. To know everything about bearded dragon … Read more