The Risk of Overfeeding Your Bearded Dragon

For better health and fast growth of bearded dragons, you need to care for them. Care also includes a balanced diet by following an appropriate feeding regimen. But many people think that “Lager quantity is better care”. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This is far from the truth, especially when dealing with bearded dragon crickets. As you know, access to everything is wrong, so overfeeding these pet dragons will lead to several health issues.

Feeding too many crickets can cause obesity in your pet dragons. A visibly round and bulging belly is a characteristic trait of an overfed dragon. The first signs of an overweight bearded dragon are disrupted mobility and difficulties in maneuvering. This can lead to severe health problems like fatty liver disease and heart problems.

In overeaten bearded dragons, undigested food can rot in their gut, causing gastrointestinal problems in bearded dragons. Bearded dragon’s metabolism works efficiently only within certain temperatures. If crickets or any meals remain undigested due to a cold environment or an excess quantity or for any reason, it can lead to impaction which is a hazardous condition. Impaction will block the bearded dragon’s digestive tract.

Excess food might also create stress within your bearded dragon. An overfed bearded dragon will face difficulties in maneuvering. Facing this problem will push your dragon into stress. These creatures are very sensitive when you talk about mobility and their instinct to chase and hunt.

Overeating will disrupt the balance of diet and gastrointestinal issues. These can cause calcium deficiency and lead to metabolic bone disease or MBD. Despite over-feeding, your bearded dragon needs to digest the food and get nutrients from it which isn’t possible in the current situation.

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If you feed your bearded dragon the same food again and again, his food choices will be limited and he will stop eating several other insects, plants, or fruits. So a balanced diet is essential for your bearded dragon. You can read “A Well-Balanced Bearded Dragon Diet Plan for Health and Vitality“.

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