Top 10 Safe and Great Bearded Dragon Toys

Bearded dragons are friendly pets that are popular in America. They are naturally active, curious, and playful. They roam around in their tank and like to climb and hide. Being a bearded dragon owner, you can provide them with “bearded dragon toys” that can cheer them up and also improve them.

While selecting toys, you need to be careful. You have to choose the toys that play an important role in enrichment for bearded dragons, as well as safe and playful.

Remember, always avoid toys with sharp edges or corners, slippery surfaces, or those that your bearded dragon can chew.

The following are the benefits of bearded dragon toys:

  • It helps alleviate the boredom of your bearded dragon.
  • It keeps them mentally and physically active.
  • Allows them to interact with their environment joyfully.
  • Installs a feeling of safety within them.
  • It keeps them exercised and physically agile.
  • By using Interactive toys, you can easily bond with your bearded dragon.

So, what are great toys for bearded dragons?

Let’s take a look at bearded dragon toys which are joyful as well as safe for bearded dragons.

One of the most recommended enriching bearded dragon toys are the hideouts and caves. Bearded dragons may be friendly and playful but they still need a hideout to feel safe. Housing your bearded dragon in a barren, empty tank with nowhere to hide can be stressful for him. Bearded dragons feel more at home if they have a hideout in which they can fall back whenever they feel unsafe.

Hideout also gives bearded dragons a place to rest at night. Sleeping in a hideout is natural for bearded dragons as they hide themselves in the wild before sleep. On top of the hideout, bearded dragons can also have a basking point where they can enjoy the heat in the daytime.

While choosing a suitable hideout for your bearded dragon, you need to consider the following:

  • Hideout size relative to terrarium size.
  • Hideout material.

Choose the hideout that can easily fit in the terrarium and provide enough space for your bearded dragon to move and turn around. Your bearded dragon should not stuck and can easily stretch out without getting trapped in a corner.

Hideouts are made of several materials that are available in the market. You can purchase a hideout made of clay, wood, or glass material. These hideouts have strong structures, can bear the high temperature of the basking point and there is no threat of choking by biting off small pieces of material by bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded reptiles which means that they rely on external heat to maintain their body temperature.

In the wild, bearded dragons have access to direct desert sunlight. They bask in the sunlight and get the required warmth and UVB rays. External heat is necessary for their digestive system and UVB light is good for vitamin D3 synthesis.

In captivity, bearded dragons also need a basking spot with temperatures ranging from 95 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Basking Spot makes an enriching bearded dragon toy. Providing them with a basking spot can make an important addition to their tank which is also according to their natural needs.

A basking spot made of rock is best for them as it absorbs heat. The size of the basking spot should be large enough to easily accommodate a bearded dragon body.

In the wild, when the temperature is too high, or an imminent threat is closer by, bearded dragons tend to burrow to protect themselves. Providing tunnels to the bearded dragon in their tank is a great way to entertain them. The tunnel will be useful for bearded dragons to cool down, especially after basking.

While selecting a tunnel, there are several options available. You can buy any plastic or log tunnel for your bearded dragon from any pet shop or online. Remember that, buy the tunnel which is large enough for your bearded dragon to easily walk in it. The size of the tunnel should also be relative to the tank, i.e. tunnel should easily fit in the tank without making it congested.

As you already know bearded dragons are omnivorous and they eat plants and live insects. To make feeding time more enjoyable and more challenging for them, you can always opt for interactive feeder toys. These interactive feeders are made of plastic and you can put small pieces of food or insects inside. The toy is covered with slit holes which allow food to fall out when the toy is moved. When your bearded dragon starts moving the toy, the food falls out and he can eat. In this way, your bearded dragon has to work for the food which keeps him physically and mentally active and agile.

Many interactive toys are easily available online or in pet shops. You can select the one that is made for reptiles and has a small size that can easily fit in a bearded dragon terrarium.

Using cat wands is one of the great bearded dragon toys that keeps your bearded dragon active and helps you bond with him. Like cats, bearded dragons also love to chase the wand. You can use insects at the end of wands as bearded dragons chase them. So, the teaser wand also activates their natural hunting capability.

While using the teaser wand, be aware that a bearded dragon might bite the wand along with the prey insect. So, always allow your bearded dragon to interact with want in supervision only.

Some bearded dragons enjoy paling with small balls made for kittens or puppies. The ball’s rolling movement and bright color encourage bearded dragons to chase them like they chase their prey. This chasing keeps your bearded dragon active and as well as entertaining.

You can choose a lightweight small ball for your dragon. But don’t choose a too-small ball that your dragon can fit in his mouth. It can be a serious choking hazard.

Who doesn’t love a comfy place to rest? Bearded dragons love hammocks as they are comfy and your bearded dragon also climbs them. Bearded dragons love to use hammocks while they are resting at the basking spot.

Many types of hammocks are available and you can choose any which is made for reptiles. Remember that, don’t place the hammock too high to avoid the risk of a bearded dragon’s fall.

You can attach the hammock with a tank via built-in clips, suction cups, or stands. The hammock’s clips should be strong enough to easily hold your bearded dragon’s weight.

The reptile bridge is a great bearded dragon toy. It is enriching and keeps them active. The bearded dragon will enjoy climbing and lounging on the bridge.

Reptile Bridge comes in different sizes and styles and they can easily fit in a bearded dragon’s tank. You need to select one that is strong, can easily bear the weight of a bearded dragon, is safe, and is easy to clean.

To make a natural environment bearded dragon’s tank, you can use live or fake plants as bearded dragon toys. Plants and vines give your bearded dragon a safe place to climb or hide away.

As you know, bearded dragons also eat plants, so a better choice is to select live plants. Always select the plants that your bearded dragon can eat without any health hazards.

Many fake plants are also available in the market and they are easier to clean as well as maintain. They can also make a part of a bearded dragon tank but use them if live plants are not available.

Driftwood also gives a natural environment to your bearded dragon in its tank. Besides the natural environment, your bearded dragon can climb it and hide in it.

Depending upon the shape and type of driftwood, you can place it in the tank. Some driftwood goes better near the basking spot while others can make the tank beautiful while lying in a corner. You can also angle the driftwood under hammocks or reptile bridges so that your bearded dragon can have more places to climb.

Always select the driftwood that is safe for your bearded dragon. An ideal driftwood should not have any sharp edges and should be clean and free from toxins and parasites.

There are many different bearded dragon toys available and you can select any which are enriching your bearded dragon. Select the toys that are safe from all hazards. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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