Male vs Female Bearded Dragons: How to Tell Them Apart

Bearded Dragons are charming, friendly, and easy-to-train pets. They are omnivorous which means you can feed them plants as well as insects. They are habitant of desert and they need specific temperatures for their well-being. They are famous due to their beard as well as their ability to morph their skin color.

Like all animals, male and female bearded dragons are different. So, how can you tell the difference between male and female bearded dragons?

This article will tell you the difference between female and male bearded dragons. After reading this article, you will also be able to associate sex to your bearded dragon.

The main differences between male and female bearded dragons and how to tell them apart are as under:

Male bearded dragons are longer than female bearded dragons. The typical length of a male bearded dragon is in rage of 21-24 inches whereas a female bearded dragon’s length is 16-19 inches.

As male bearded dragons have more length, it is understood that their weight will be more. Male bearded dragons weight around 450-550 grams and female bearded dragons weight 450-500 grams. Both weight half a kg.

Male bearded dragons have wider and larger heads as compared to female bearded dragons.

Male bearded dragons have two grooves that run vertically from the tail to the cloaca, which means they have two Hemipenal Bulges whereas female bearded dragons have only one central bulge to the cloaca.

Male bearded dragons are more aggressive. They are naturally territorial and don’t like interference from any other pet/ bearded dragon in their territory. They bob their head and puff up their beard to communicate or to show anger.

Female bearded dragons are submissive. They lack territorial behavior and they wave their arms to show submissiveness.

To understand the Bearded Dragon’s behavior, you can also read the following articles. It will help you to understand what the bearded dragon is trying to say to you through his behavior:

Male bearded dragons have thick tall tails as compared to female bearded dragons.

Male bearded dragons have larger and darker pores than female bearded dragons. These pores are located on their thighs and underside.

The same data is also listed in the comparison table:

Female Bearded DragonMale Bearded Dragon
(grams/ inches)
Weight: 450-500 grams
Length: 16-19 inches
Weight: 450-550 grams
Length: 21-24 inches
Skull SizeSmaller heads than malesWider and larger heads
Hemipenal Bulge (Vertical bulge)One hemipenal bugle
The vertical bugle is central to the cloaca
Two hemipenal bulges –
Two grooves that run vertically from the tail to the cloaca
Behavior (Male vs female)Lacks territorial behavior              
May wave arms to show they are being submissive
Territorial when other males are nearby
Will bob their heads up and down, change the color of their beards, and puff their throats out when angry
TailsThinner tails than malesThicker tails than females
Femoral PoresSmaller, less visible, faded femoral pores on thighs and undersideLarger and darker pores than females located on their thighs and underside

You have noticed that the key difference is the bulge and size. By noticing these two differences you can easily tell whether your dragon is male or female.

Bearded dragons, when kept with care, are very relaxed, friendly, and calm. They interact with you and other people around. Due to this nature, they are easy to train. However, when we draw the comparison between male and female bearded dragons, female bearded dragons are calmer. They show aggressive behavior only if they are suffering some pain. In their normal behavior, they don’t show any aggressive attitude.

On some occasions, female bearded dragons show aggressiveness like when it’s the time of mating which is usually in the spring. Or if they are pregnant, they will be less calm.

Bearded dragons are always calmer when kept alone. They don’t feel lonely even if they have nobody as their companion.

If you are still unable to know the sex of your bearded dragon, don’t worry, there is another way, which might be helpful to you. By using this method, you can easily recognize whether you are housing a male or female bearded dragon. This method is more effective for younger bearded dragons.

You can follow these steps:

  • Lay your bearded dragon on your palm with its stomach in your hand.
  • Lift its tail by using the other hand.
  • Shine the end of the tail with a flashlight
  • Observe shadows from the back end of the bearded dragon.
  • If you see two bulges, the dragon is male, if you see a single bulge, the pet dragon is female.

I hope, now you can easily tell about the sex of your bearded dragon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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