Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers?

Like tomatoes, cucumbers are also fruit and used in salad. Cucumbers are juicy fruits and are loaded with fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, etc. This juicy vegetable (technically fruit) is a vital part of your fresh salad. But can a bearded dragon eat cucumber? Is cucumber safe for bearded dragons?

In this article we will discuss the following:

  • Can bearded dragons eat cucumbers?
  • What are the benefits of cucumber for bearded dragons?
  • How many cucumbers can a bearded dragon eat?
  • How often can you feed cucumbers to your bearded dragons?
  • How to feed cucumber to your bearded dragon?

So, let’s start with our first question, Can you feed cucumber to your bearded dragon?

The short answer is:

  • Yes, Bearded Dragons can eat cucumbers every week or so.
  • No, they can’t eat cucumbers daily.

The nutritional benefits of cucumbers for your bearded dragons are as under: 

  • They are made of water (96% water). Water helps to keep your bearded dragon hydrated. You can feed cucumbers to your bearded dragon cucumbers as a medicine when they are dehydrated.
  • A great source of Fiber. Fiber which prevents constipation and helps in digestion.
  • Cucumbers have Vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens your dragon’s immune vision, reproduction, system, and growth.
  • Vitamin K, regulates blood clotting and prevents heart failure.
  • Potassium, which prevents kidney problems, aids muscle function and lowers water retention.
  • Manganese, which prevents inflammation and aids metabolism.
  • Magnesium, which promotes muscle and brain health.

Additionally, cucumbers are not very acidic. They fall easier on your bearded dragon’s stomach.

No, Bearded dragons can safely eat cucumbers every other week or so. Excess of cucumbers in your dragon’s diet can cause many health issues for your bearded dragons.

Even with all these benefits, why can’t bearded dragons eat cucumber as a staple diet? There are many reasons to avoid feeding cucumber daily to your bearded dragons, let’s discuss the main reasons:

As already mentioned, cucumbers are made of water (96% water). But bearded dragons are exotic creatures who belong to deserts. They are not habitual of consuming too much water. They usually remain dehydrated in their natural state. So, feeding cucumbers to your dragon is like feeding them food that is not made for them naturally.

Feeding too many cucumbers or too often cucumbers to your bearded dragon will cause them over-hydration which will result in loose stool and diarrhea. This diarrhea will lead to dehydration. Now that dehydration is not natural and this can be dangerous for your pet dragon.

If you notice that your bearded dragon is suffering from diarrhea due to over-hydration, you need to contact your vet or the situation can be worse.

As a dragon owner, you already know that calcium is very critical for the bearded dragon’s bones and overall well-being. That is the reason calcium and vitamin supplements are recommended for your bearded dragon. Without calcium, your bearded dragon’s bones become weak, their tissue starts to break, and they can even suffer from metabolic bone disease or MBD which can even kill your bearded dragon. You need to provide a calcium-rich and well-balanced diet for the good health of your bearded dragon.

To learn more about a balanced diet, calcium, and vitamins, you can read the following article:

Cucumbers are not a good source of calcium, especially when we talk about their calcium-to-phosphorous ratio, they really lag in the quantity of calcium. It’s 1:1.5 (phosphorous in high quantity) whereas the safe ratio is 1:1. Phosphorus tends to bind with calcium and stops its absorption in bearded dragon’s bloodstreams. So, feeding too many or too often cucumbers can cause calcium deficiency which can cause many diseases including MBD.

Read, “Metabolic Bone Disease 101: Keep Your Bearded Dragon Healthy”.

To be on the safer side, you can feed cucumbers to your bearded dragon only in limited quantity, i.e. every other week or so. But, in this safe quantity, you need to keep an eye on your dragon as every new diet has its effect on all living things.

You can follow these simple steps to feed your bearded dragon cucumbers:

  • Wash them thoroughly to remove all the preservative chemicals and dust particles that can stick to your hand then make a part of your bearded dragon meal.
  • Peel the cucumber. You need to peel the cucumbers as bearded dragons can’t chew or digest the peel. It can cause choking or digestive problems (like impaction or digestive tract blockage) for your bearded dragon.
  • Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise. Remove all the seeds to prevent choking and impaction. Don’t ever feed seeds of any fruit/vegetable to your bearded dragon.
  • Cut the cucumber into small chewable pieces so that your dragon can easily enjoy his treat.

Cucumbers can be served with some other veggie salads or fruits.

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